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Dec 18, 2012 5:00pm EST
the school massacre in connecticut areecoming into focus pow......and one f the top issuess.. is gun contrrl senntor joe manchinn a conservatiie democrat from west virginia... is aa pelf-ppoclaimeddproud gun owner and was even endorsed by the national rifle association. but he says what happened last week in newtown hasschanged him. 3 3 "ii's time tt look at a approachh mental llness, a - cclture of violence, sometimes 3 that as a hunter myself, as a proud deffnder of the second ammndment, as a proud member question. anddlook anddsee if thhre is a betterrway to do this." 3ii seems many americans agree somethiig needs to changee a new polllby the washinnton posttshoww ttht 54 percent of peoppe favor new imits on un riggts áin generalá...43 perrent ppose that iiea. idea.banning ighhcapacity magazines... gets the moss support...baaning the sale of handgunn ...gets the leass support. & 3 meanwhile, somm stoors have - plready started to pull guns off tte shelves. dicks sporting goods is removing 3 storee aroond the countty.the chain is rrmoving áall guns newtown, connecticut..... o
Dec 17, 2012 5:00pm EST
baltllmore's archbissop is also reactingto the mass shootinggii connecticut. 3 arccbishop william lori...previouslyssrved as bishop of southwestern &pccnnecticut...which includes -3& newtown..ori says he visited the catholicchurch there many as a personal loss. &p3 (looi) "i just think ww have -3 to come together, all segments offouu commmnity to do all thaa we can to end the culture buill what we call in the -& church a civiiiization of love." &&plove." 3 arccbishop lorii..was at st. joseph medicalcenter for bbtween "st. joo's" and the 3 univerrity offaryyand meddcal 3 schhols here in maaylann ttok extta securiiy measures today. melinda roeder is live at baltimmre county schooll headquarters with word on hhww school officials &poffiiials were trying to clam fears of students anddparents. -& 3 3 3 pthe connectiiuttshooting has triggered many peopll to call for striiter gun control laws. laws. many maryland politicians and even some memberssof law enforcement for more stringenn gun control pllws. those against such measuress... oint to the fact - thatt arylanddalreadyyhas some offthe mo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2